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FSPEI S1E5 John Wilcox, CEO of Diatech

November 11th, 2019

In this amazing episode, Dr. Mark McNees interviews the Co-Founder and CEO of Diatech, John Wilcox.

Company overview:

Diatech Diabetic Technologies Inc. (Diatech) is a MEDtech startup that implements innovative solutions to enhance and empower the lives of patients, families, and communities impacted by diabetes. Diatech originated from the issues the company’s CEO, John Wilcox, was facing his own diabetes care technology as a type 1 diabetic. John’s story, along with all who are affected by diabetes, inspires Diatech to work endlessly towards optimizing and personalizing diabetes therapies for patients worldwide.

Diatech is developing the world’s first intelligent insulin pump infusion set system. Current insulin pump infusion sets are limited in wear time and reliability, compromising a diabetic patient’s health during the occurrence of infusion site malfunctions. These malfunctions range from blockages, leakages, and infusing into damaged tissue affected by lipohypertrophy. Through the use of AI, SmartFusion will understand the infusion habits of the user and suggest when to change sites and replace the infusion set, helping them get more out of their disposables.

Nicholas Cooper - COO
John Clark Gray - CSO
Luis E. Blanco - CTO
John Wilcox - CEO

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